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Nepal For Hyper Loop Connectivity with India and China

Kathmandu, Nepal

In the heels of securing train and water access to India and China and after successfully, disbanding Transportation Cartel in Nepal, Nepal government is planning to implement “HyperLoop” transportation system in near future. According to a highly placed source, Government of Nepal has realized the importance of connecting Asia’s two big and economically growing countries - China and India for prosperity of Nepal. However, current mode of transportation isn’t likely to meet the needs of the future. 

China and India with world’s largest populations and rising middle class offer Nepal’s best chance to enter an era of unprecedented growth through trade and tourism. “Look, Out of over 2 Billion population in these countries, there are at least 600 million people who could potentially visit Nepal for tourism, however, due to poor infrastructure, distance and cost, it’s very difficult for most people to come to Nepal,” said a tourism official.  

To facilitate fast movement of people Nepal plans on requesting China to support construction of HyperLoop developed by Elon Musk’s Space X under China’s One Belt One Road Initiative during Prime Minister’s anticipated visit to China Soon.

HyperLoop is a vacuum tube train that is designed for very high-speed train. Due to low resistance, the train can attain speed up to 1200 Kilometer per hour, faster that current commercial airlines. 

“Hyper Loops makes the perfect sense,” said the official. “It will not require digging winding roads and railway through difficult terrain like the train. Since it’s all underground can be all-weather operational avoiding difficulty to move across Himalayas in harsh winter,” he said. “Plus we now have a solid experience working in tunneling,” he added.

Government plans to handover the construction responsibility of hyper loop tunnel to Melamchi Water Project team. “They are some of the world’s best experts in tunnels. They have had over 20 years of experience in tunneling in Nepal and have just achieved an unprecedented breakthrough in tunneling through 26 Kilometer long tunnel in the country. No one in the world knows more about Nepal’s fragile mountain geography and tunneling. Over the last 20 years they have learned about every single rock and minerals along the way,” said the official. 

The Ministry of Transportation has already reached out to Elon Musk’s organization. Musk is said to be jubilant to have received such a proposal. “This is bigger than going to Mars,” said Space X founder. 

Once completed in 2040 above 100 million people can regularly make fast and inexpensive trips in just 3 hours from Beijing to Kathmandu. The government has plans to extend the Hyper Loop to connect to Delhi, Capital of India connecting world’s two rising capitals. 


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