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Providing Relief to Flood Victims in Nepal

Through Sarvodaya USA , we were able to send $2000 to support flood relief in Nepal. Ramesh shares his experience distributing the relief supplies in Janakpur area. Shisir dai Namaste, The long awaited trip to Janakpur was wonderful and turned out to be great success. I have to say that the delayed Flood Relief Program in Janakpur was beyond our previous thought and it was beyond our expectation. We went to Janakpur on 17th of November (Saturday) and stayed there for four days, till 20th November. Initially, we thought of staying there only for a day and come back to Kathmandu after handing over the items to the Rad Cross. But we changed our modality after we reached Jankapur. On the first day after reaching Jankapur, we contacted the local NGOs, local Red Cross, Amnesty and local journalists to read the situation in Janakpur. On the second day, we went to flood affected sites (Katrait and Musharniya). We chose these two places upon the request of the NGOS working for social developmen

With Richard Gere

In New York, October 14, 2007

2:13 AM

As the world sleeps by my side, Eyes keep on wondering whether I can get some rest. In a cold night, over heated room in Wisconsin Wonders when the light will go off. Over worked computer Worries when browsers will leave. As the world sleeps by my side, Tuesday slips into Wednesday. Still a weekday. A work day. Isn't it time to sleep yet?