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Re-Birth In India: Experience at Gandhi's Ashram

“Dai (elder brother in Nepali), you know I thought I had done everything in life. I have a wife, two children, and have done many odd jobs. I have been active in politics and also in social service. I have done everything,” Astaman said. “I had thought that there is nothing for me anymore and would some how live this life for my children,” he continued. “But in these last few days, I have realized that I am so young and the world is full of possibilities, I have to learn so much and there is a lot can do.” “This is my re-birth dai,” he concluded. It had only been three days in India with us. Astman is young. Only at 23 years of age, he has become a father of two. He dropped out of school after fifth grade because there was no school beyond that in the village and his family couldn’t afford to send him to another school. “The choice was either for me to study or let my siblings,” recalled. Nine of us of Sarvodaya Nepal, including Astaman, had been to Sevagram in India at Mahatma Gand