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A Visit to Bulaki Chaur

“What programs are we taking to villages?” “Is it classes on adult-education? On   community health?” Sanitation?”   Our challenge. It’s not 1958. The proliferation of NGOs that began in 1980s and caught speed in 1990s in Nepal (like many other developing countries) has been amazing. While many organizations are providing valuable services to Nepalese people, the term NGO has almost become synonymous with educated elite enriching   on poor’s name.   At least a few organizations have found their way to every village that run variety of program. Mostly, during the ‘project period’.   Frequently, organizations find funds and go to the villages to implement them. Thus, there is an expectations among villagers that when people from the city come (especially the one from organizations), they come with handouts.   ********** Sarvodaya is about identifying local needs and working to solve through community participation.   “I don’t know what program, we can take,” I would say